Composite Fillings

When a dentist detects a cavity amongst a patient’s teeth, this is an automatic indication of tooth decay. The rotted area in tooth enamel must be removed to prevent further decay or infection. In order to do this, a dentist drills into the affected tooth and shapes an opening.

What Are Composite Fillings?

At this time, a composite material is placed inside the opening to restore the function and appearance of the tooth. These small deposits are better known as fillings. Individuals who feel or notice holes in tooth surfaces should have these areas of decay cleaned and filled right away in order to stop cavities from getting larger.

Composite fillings are made to resemble the color of teeth, and they are used for most cavities today. They require less drilling of the tooth structure, and the material strengthens the tooth. The silver or amalgam materials that were used more frequently in the past are still available in most situations. They are less expensive than composites, but also less attractive. Since there are traces of mercury in amalgam fillings, they are seen by some as a less healthy option.

How Does Westfield Smiles Dental Health and Wellness Center Help Patients?

Westfield Smiles Dental Health and Wellness Center assists patients with choosing a course of treatment when it comes to cavities and fillings. Dental patients are known to trust in our Doctors to provide solutions that they are comfortable with. Along with composite fillings, several services are provided at Westfield Smiles Dental Health and Wellness Center. These services include but are not limited to routine cleanings, health screenings, saliva tests, cosmetic dentistry, and more.

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